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Revision & Surveillance

The complete maintenance of our Autosonic™ systems comprehends a daily and a monthly maintenance as well as a yearly, respectively 2-yearly revision and surveillance. This modular construction of the maintenance program constitutes a complete system for the service, the care and the optimization of the Autosonic™ unit.


We recommend a periodical revison of your Autosonic unit in order to assure a flawless function.


In addition we offer the possibility to keep your testing unit under surveillance. The surveillance comprehends a further inspection of the Autosonic.

We are pleased to put at your disposal our qualified personnel for revisions and/or surveillance.


Daniela Bonin-Starace

Back Office, Kundenbetreuung

Swiss Safety Center AG
P +41 44 877 62 08
F +41 44 877 62 15

Josef Broger

Dipl. Elektronik Tec

Inspektor, Prüftechniker Autosonic™

Swiss Safety Center SA
P +41 44 877 61 95
F +41 44 877 62 15