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Economic Efficiency

The experience shows clearly that ultrasonic testing, which was formerly introduced merely for safety reasons, nowadays ultrasonic testing method is more and more successfully replacing hydraulic testing also thanks to its economic efficiency.

Sustainable Cost Reduction thanks to Staff Reduction

One qualified person is required for ultrasonic test procedure and another person (may be an unskilled employee) for the loading/unloading of the cylinders as well as some extra work (stamping, labelling etc.).

Preliminary and Subsequent Works can be omitted

Gas cylinders may be tested with valve, i.e. the step of removing the valve can be omitted. The filling and the emptying as well as the laborious drying of the cylinder are not necessary anymore when examining your gas cylinders with ultrasonic testing method.

Conservation of Resources

The consumption of resources is kept very low. The machine only needs few electricity, air pressure and water.

Further Savings Potential

  • Market advantage thanks to innovative test method
  • Protection of investment thanks to update/upgrade possibilities