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Autosonic™ flow

Autosonic™ flow tests gas cylinder in vertical position, i.e. the infeed and outfeed is processed through a conveyor system. A direct integration in your existing conveyor system is possible.

The testing procedure as well as the separation of the gas cylinders (passed/failed) is done automatically.

Range of Application

Our Autosonic™ flow testing unit allows to examine a wide range of steel and aluminium gas cylinders. 
Cylinder lenghts: 450 -1600mm
Cylinder diameters: 100 - 267mm


The device is constructed using only stainless materials in order to grant a long lifetime and to keep maintenance costs low.


The system is controlled by a PLC which can be operated by a mobile touch screen module and runs fully automatic. The costs for a system upgrade are kept to a minimum.


The testing unit is equipped with a VIS/MUX Test Electronics (Test electronic-VIS) provided by GE. The Test Electronic comprehends an industrial PC on which test are performed with the Test Software UNIVIS.

Cylinder data are managed with the particularly developed software called Autosoft. We offer various methods for the Data Entry adapted to the customer’s requirements.

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